The workforce of the future is in the Cloud

Just what is ‘the Cloud’ and why it is the fastest growing sector in the world?!?

Forum Partnership

25 March 2024

Representatives from five Data Centre operators joined a range of supply partners and industry experts last week to discuss potential joint efforts to raise the profile of our sector. And what a successful start!


The Cloud needs more people!

Cloud enabling infrastructure

Cloud based software and services operate from data centres where structured cabled networks connect banks of data servers with the mainstream telecommunications networks that enable online access.

The work involved in designing, building, operating and maintaining Cloud enabling data centre infrastructure ranges from hands-on network cabling and hardware installation to systems engineering, project management and operational management.

Rapidly growing Cloud workforce

The massive explosion in take-up of Cloud based systems means huge growth in the demand for data centre capacity.

This means that the number of people required to design, build, upgrade and operate data centres is growing faster than any other sector in the Australian workforce.

The Cloud is a great place to work

Clean, safe and varied working environments

Data Centres are clean, high-security, temperature controlled environments where even the lowest levels of technical work requires intelligence, care and precision. With lots to learn about ever-changing systems, the work is anything but dull and repetitive.

Flexible work hours, good salaries and supportive teams make working in or on data centres an attractive option for anyone looking for a secure, interesting and satisfying career.

Career progression

Opportunities to rise within the Cloud workforce from trade-level technical positions to senior management positions abound.

Most project team leaders and operations managers have worked their way up, and so recognise the value of any worker with the ability and desire to step up the management ladder

Gender inclusive

Mature apprenticeships

Culturally inclusive