Our shared challenge

An industry initiative to raise the profile of our sector as a great place to work, through the collaboration and partnership of the organisations who make the cloud function.

Partnering to raise our industry profile

Whatever part your business plays in Australia’s rapidly developing data centre sector, we are each united as a mutually dependent business ecosystem by the urgent need to attract, train and develop many more of the highly specialised personnel needed to grow and operate Cloud enabling network infrastructure 

Our shared challenge is to stand out in the fiercely competitive employment marketplace, where the demand has never been greater for technically minded, ethically reliable problem solvers with a strong commitment to excellence

What is the Careers in the Cloud initiative?

Careers in the Cloud is an initiative to promote career opportunities and provide information about our working sector across the widest possible range of prospective talent, from school leavers to IT students or graduates, to mature apprentices and migrant workers.

Our aim is to showcase our sector as a welcoming, secure and inclusive place to work for men and women, young and old; and to highlight the benefits of potentially rapid career progression as valued members of a vitally important industry of the future.

How does my business get involved?

We’re asking industry employers to be part of the initiative through brand endorsement, network building and helping us spread the word.

Brand endorsement

Show your support for the initiative by displaying your logo and a short profile on the site. We will add your company to our Partner Network page, with a brief introduction to your business and a link to your website (as provided by you)

Employers can use the Careers in the Cloud icon to identify their business as part of the cloud infrastructure ecosystem, and as endorsement our messages of worker-friendly diversity, inclusivity and flexibility in the workplace.

Network building

Employers can link to their website or their careers page for more information.

We’ll also work with our partner network to provide more detail about the types of jobs available, and the many career paths our industry affords.

Spread the word

Employers are asked to share content and spread the word as widely as possible through their social networks – an opportunity to endorse or add value to our efforts to promote the opportunities for Careers in the Cloud.

How does my business benefit?

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