Our network partner : Siemon

The Siemon Company, is a leading network infrastructure specialist, celebrates 120 years of excellence and industry commitment. Founded by Carl F. Siemon in 1903 on the strength of his hardened plastic compounds and pioneering telecommunications technologies, the company has maintained its long-term commitment to the industry with the development of innovative infrastructure solutions that support digital transformation across the globe.

Over the past two decades, Siemon has grown its global presence to more than 80 countries, including ISO:9001 and ISO:14001-certified manufacturing facilities in multiple countries, and boasts a global network of suppliers and logistics centers plus a worldwide team of technical and sales support experts, Certified Installers, technology partners, and distributors.

Throughout our history, Siemon has invested heavily in research and development, demonstrating proven performance with new products that elevate today’s datacentre environments, whether that be cloud, colocation, enterprise, and edge.



Watertown, California USA

500 approximatly